Take advantage of your business opportunities and present your company in a foreign language!

Translations within the shortest possible deadlines! We translate your business documents, financial reports, memos, specialized texts, official papers or websites.

According to your preferences, the completed translations may be delivered to you by e-mail, regular mail or fax, on a floppy disk or a CD.

We belong to a chain of European translation agencies. Our translators guarantee top-quality translations within the shortest possible deadlines.

We make exclusive deals that ensure quicker and simpler business operations, as well as more favorable rates.

Orders and inquiries via electronic mail or phone: +385 1 4828 042 or +385 98 9181 945.
- business documents
- promotional material
- specialized texts
- websites
- EU laws
- express translations:
  1-4 hours
- top-quality translators
- specialized seminars
- internal gatherings
- team buildings
- conferences
- subtitling of video files
  and recordings
- specialized texts
- official papers,
- high school and
  university final papers
  and dissertations
- foreign language texts
- formatting
- style arrangement
- rewriting in electronic
- technical processing
- individual
- group
- foreign languages
- Croatian language

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